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My nickname is edericodev or edericogames (he/him) and I'm a 14 years-old beginner developer based in Italy. I love open source and I'm always looking for new ideas.

Since birth I've always been a windows user. My favorite tools for exploring this awesome world include: VSCode, CodePen, GitHub , and Spotify as a support.

I work daily with tons of frameworks, and some of them (Astro, Tailwind , MDX and vercel) are right on this site!
But i also love coding with code languages like C++ , Javascript , HTML and CSS (even if they're not coding languages).

In my free time, i love to read, listen to music, play video games and , obiviously , learn new things.

My personal skills

NOTE: i will update this chart when i learn new useful skills or i improve them. This is an exhaustive list of personal skills provided for demonstrative purposes only.

Skill Levels
Skill Level
CSS 65%
HTML 65%
TWcss 60%
JS 50%
MDX 45%
Astro 45%

Blog Posts

I don't really use blog posts, but Here are some of my most recent blog posts:

watch what i am doing right now:

status playing vscode spotify

thank you for browsing my site:)